how to look great when you’re feeling tired

easy and cute outfit with statement necklace // click for outfit details

I’m in New York this week for a major trade show and I am exhausted. Trade shows are really fun (at least to me) but they’re also a lot of work. Today I’m really wishing I had an outfit like this stashed in my bag. With jeans and a soft drapey shirt, you know it’s comfy. But accessorized with a great statement necklace, it would also look pretty fantastic on the show floor! (Or just any other day when you’re not feeling 100% but still want to look cute.)

1/ girogia & johns t-shirt // 2/ slim boyfriend jeans // 3/ maya necklace in black and silver // 4/ sapphire lace ring // 5/ d’orsay flats

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daytime to date night

an outfit to go from daytime to date night // dark denim, white blazer, chain link necklace // click for outfit details

This is the perfect outfit to go from a day at work to meeting someone over drinks. (I’ll let you decide on the someone.) If your work doesn’t let you wear jeans (or it’s not casual Friday) you can always swap the denim for dress pants or a great skirt during the day and toss on the jeans before you hit the town!

1/ rose garden print top // 2/ slim fit boyfriend jeans // 3/ boxy blazer // 4/ daphne necklace // 5/ sequence ring // 6/ pensive pointed high heels

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what to wear to brunch

the perfect outfit for brunch, meeting the parents, or your cousin's wedding // navy scalloped skirt, clutch, chain link necklace // click for outfit details

This simple but dressy look would be perfect for a nice brunch, meeting the parents, your cousin’s wedding – pretty much any event where need to be dressed up and a little on the conservative side (but still feeling stylish). Toss on a blazer and you could make it work for the office too.

1/ frill shell top // 2/ velvet scallop skirt // 3/ daphne necklace // 4/ corsica foldover clutch // 5/ patent leather slingback pumps

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a casual day running errands

jeans and a t-shirt paired with a long necklace and great clutch // click for outfit details

Some days really just feel like jeans and t-shirt days. You know the ones. When you’ve got a million things on your to-do list and a thousand errands to run. But jeans and a t-shirt don’t have to look basic or boring. Top them with some great (but easy) accessories, like a long necklace and great clutch, and you won’t feel like a slob when you inevitably bump into someone you know.

1/ linen ringer muscle tee // 2/ distressed jeans // 3/ alice necklace // 4/ oyster foldover clutch // 5/ ankle strap flats

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casual summer daytime date

how to dress up shorts // summer style // click for outfit details

Even though the weather makes it seem like summer is winding down, I know we’ve still got a few warm days ahead of us. So why take advantage of those with a great pair of shorts? This outfit is dressy enough that you could wear it on a daytime summer date (or day with the girls) but it’s not so dressy that you’d seem overdressed for a regular summer day.

Actually, this is an outfit my sister would probably wear. (Now that I’ve convinced her that shorts are great!) She always manages to look just a little more pulled together than everyone else without really trying. When it comes to dressing well on a average day, she definitely has that down!

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how to wear white pants to work

white pants and black accessories perfect for work // click for outfit details // #workwear

I’m not the type of person who really believes in fashion rules like “You can’t wear white after Labor Day.” But just in case you are that type of person, here’s a friendly reminder that you’ve only got a few weeks left to wear those white pants. (Labor Day is early this year.)

If wearing white pants to a picnic isn’t your thing (too much potential for grass stains and ketchup spills) try this option for wearing white pants to put together a chic office look.

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a weekend getaway by the water

what to wear on a weekend getaway to the lake or seaside // click for outfit details

I’ve spent the past week at the lake for our annual summer trip, so clearly I got visions of dockside gatherings on my mind. And while our trip is a campout (which equals more swimsuits and sweats than chic outfits) I can imagine wearing this outfit to a getaway involving brunch on the docks and evening strolls by the water.

1/ amy necklace // 2/ amy bracelet // 3/ grey espadrilles // 4/ striped refined tank // 5/ skinny jeans // 6/ kerri cardigan // 7/ stem weekend bag

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an edgier take on the little white dress trend

little white dress, black chain link necklace, black point toe heels // click for outfit details

There’s no doubt that one of this summer’s biggest trends is the little white dress. And thanks to the boho influence, it’s not surprising that most LWDs are more sweet than sophisticated. But by pairing a more structured LWD with edgier accessories, you have a look that’s perfect for a hot summer night out. Or top it with a fitted blazer for a an edgy office look.

1/ sleeveless cocoon dress // 2/ daphne necklace // 3/ wellspring foldover clutch // 4/ turbo pump

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an outfit that transitions from summer to fall

transition from summer to fall with these seven pieces // click for outfit details

As summer transitions into fall, the changing weather can make dressing tricky. It’s cooler in the mornings but hot in the afternoon. The secret to transitioning your wardrobe as the weather changes is to mix pieces you can layer together. A casual black dress is perfect for warm days, and if it’s cooler in the evenings, top it off with a military jacket. And as the weather starts to cool, you can mix in a pair of jeans to give your summer dresses even more distance.
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