what to wear to an outdoor estate wedding

a lovely outfit for an outdoor estate wedding or party // click for outfit details

I have to admit that I’m feeling a little jealous this week because my sister is in England for a wedding. And I’m pretty sure that it’s at some fancy estate in the countryside. (Or at least that’s what I’m envisioning. Truth is, I was a little too jealous to focus on the details.)

If I were going, this would be my outfit of choice. Something that would look elegant (but not to formal) as I strolled the lawn sipping cocktails.

1/ patio party dress // 2/ jensen flat sandal // 3/ kathrine earrings // 4/ georgia necklace // 5/ wellspring clutch

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casual fall weekend style

casual fall weekend style // click for outfit details

It always seems a little crazy to talk about fall style when it’s still officially summer. (As someone who loves summer, it always makes me feel like I’m cheating a little.) But now that kids are back to school and there’s a slight chill in the morning and evening air, it’s hard to deny that fall is on it’s way.

This is one of those simple outfits that’s destined to become a fall uniform. The asymmetric hem makes a pretty basic shirt much more interesting, ankle boots are the way to go as we transition from summer to fall, and to top it all off, an easy to wear necklace.

With an outfit like this, it’s hard not to want fall to arrive!

1/ asymmetric sweater // 2/ slim boyfriend jeans // 3/ georgia necklace // 4/ wellspring clutch // 5/ ankle boots

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what to wear on the campaign trail

what to wear when you're running for office // click for outfit details

Growing up, my dream was to become the first woman President of the United States. And while I’ve never completely given up on the idea of someday running for public office, I’ve clearly traded a career in politics for one in art, design, and fashion. Which is why my new goal is to have my jewelry worn by the first woman President of the United States. And the second. And the third.

This outfit, complete with my Susan necklace (aptly named for suffragette Susan B. Anthony), would look completely sharp during a day of campaigning.

So if you happen to know any women campaigning for office (and that includes the Poehler/Fey team) feel free to send them my way!

1/ tropez blazer // 2/ campaign trip dress // 3/ ella earrings // 4/ susan necklace // 5/ 104 series watch // 6/ meadow pumps

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wandering paris in black, white, and navy

a chic outfit for wandering the streets of paris (or just heading to brunch) // click for outfit details

Couldn’t you image strolling the street of Paris, munching on a baguette, in this lovely outfit?

I originally titled this post “wandering Paris in black and white” before I realized the shirt was actually navy stripes. Then, I spent another ten minutes looking for a black and white shirt. Eventually, I decided this combo actually works, thanks to the bits of blue in the skirt and the fact that the fashion powers that be finally decided black and navy look super chic together. Which of course they do.

And if Paris isn’t in your weekend plans (it’s not in mine either, I just wish it was) this outfit would look just as chic at brunch, or even at the office on Monday.

1/ striped top // 2/ volume skirt // 3/ daphne necklace // 4/ pentagon fragment ring // 5/ d’orsay flats

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back to school style: blush, cream, and grey

back to school style: blush, cream, and grey // click for outfit details

Who says back to school style has to be just for kids? This outfit could work if you’re a teacher or busy mom. And it’s great for transitioning your summer office style into fall. Or if, like me, you just happen to like that back to school season gives you another excuse to shop for new clothes. (Even if you haven’t been in a classroom in a while.)

And can I just say how much I love blushes and creams as a color palette? Paired with grey, they’re a much fresher neutral alternative to boring khakis, tans, and beiges.

1/ frill shell top // 2/ cropped trousers // 3/ knit cardigan // 4/ amy necklace // 5/ nina flat

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how to look great when you’re feeling tired

easy and cute outfit with statement necklace // click for outfit details

I’m in New York this week for a major trade show and I am exhausted. Trade shows are really fun (at least to me) but they’re also a lot of work. Today I’m really wishing I had an outfit like this stashed in my bag. With jeans and a soft drapey shirt, you know it’s comfy. But accessorized with a great statement necklace, it would also look pretty fantastic on the show floor! (Or just any other day when you’re not feeling 100% but still want to look cute.)

1/ girogia & johns t-shirt // 2/ slim boyfriend jeans // 3/ maya necklace in black and silver // 4/ sapphire lace ring // 5/ d’orsay flats

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daytime to date night

an outfit to go from daytime to date night // dark denim, white blazer, chain link necklace // click for outfit details

This is the perfect outfit to go from a day at work to meeting someone over drinks. (I’ll let you decide on the someone.) If your work doesn’t let you wear jeans (or it’s not casual Friday) you can always swap the denim for dress pants or a great skirt during the day and toss on the jeans before you hit the town!

1/ rose garden print top // 2/ slim fit boyfriend jeans // 3/ boxy blazer // 4/ daphne necklace // 5/ sequence ring // 6/ pensive pointed high heels

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what to wear to brunch

the perfect outfit for brunch, meeting the parents, or your cousin's wedding // navy scalloped skirt, clutch, chain link necklace // click for outfit details

This simple but dressy look would be perfect for a nice brunch, meeting the parents, your cousin’s wedding – pretty much any event where need to be dressed up and a little on the conservative side (but still feeling stylish). Toss on a blazer and you could make it work for the office too.

1/ frill shell top // 2/ velvet scallop skirt // 3/ daphne necklace // 4/ corsica foldover clutch // 5/ patent leather slingback pumps

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a casual day running errands

jeans and a t-shirt paired with a long necklace and great clutch // click for outfit details

Some days really just feel like jeans and t-shirt days. You know the ones. When you’ve got a million things on your to-do list and a thousand errands to run. But jeans and a t-shirt don’t have to look basic or boring. Top them with some great (but easy) accessories, like a long necklace and great clutch, and you won’t feel like a slob when you inevitably bump into someone you know.

1/ linen ringer muscle tee // 2/ distressed jeans // 3/ alice necklace // 4/ oyster foldover clutch // 5/ ankle strap flats

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