summer style: 8 outfits to wear to a summer picnic

summer style: 8 outfits to wear to a picnic or barbecue

Summer is just around the corner and that means picnics, cook outs, barbecues, and outdoor parties. Here are eight outfits to help you arrive looking stylish, no matter the occasion or location:

summer style: 8 outfits to wear to a picnic via megan auman

1/ a seaside soirée // 2/ an outdoor music festival // 3/ craft beer and lawn games // 4/ a picnic date in the park

summer style: what to wear to a summer picnic via megan auman - click for outfit details

5/ an evening bonfire // 6/ a brooklyn rooftop barbecue // 7/ an outdoor luncheon // 8/ a pool party in palm springs


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Finish off your summer picnic look with these accessories (click for details):

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